Some time ago, psychologists discovered that “grump old men” are smarter than other old men.

Grumpy9Specifically, a report released several years ago suggested “that a disagreeable nature goes hand in hand with advanced vocabulary and general knowledge in old age,” the researchers write.

The older you get, the better you are if you are grumpy.

Welcome to my world.

that is why I’m fascinated with a new book by Barbara Ehrenreich entitled:  “Bright-Sided:  How the relentless promotion of positive thinking has undermined America.”

According to a review in the NYTimes, Ehrenriech claims that positive thinking is “just another way for the conservative, corporate culture to wring the most out of its workers.”

According to Robert Gathman in the Austin-American Statesman, “journalist Barbara Ehrenreich mounts a spirited attack on the American culture of positive thinking, arguing that the mass manufacture of feel-good palliatives, by encouraging sloppy reasoning, shortsighted habits and a curiously uncritical identification with the powers that be, is doing more harm than good.”

Feel-good stuff is sloppy.  No pain, no gain my friend!

The problem with happiness — we were guaranteed the right to pursue it in our constitution — is that it is a pretty shallow pool to swim in.

Whatever happened to pursuing truth, justice, peace?  Now there’s something worth living for.

I would have finished the above with “the American way” but that would lead us back to the happiness thing.

Be smart.  Be grumpy.

And have a happy day.