Those of you who are bellying up to the Juice Bar may have noticed that (a) the posts are fewer and more infrequent; and (b) all the historic posts along with much of the blogroll went somewhere.

Remember a month or so ago when I said that I’d gotten infected with malware?

Well, I found out that the damage was far greater than thought.  Sort like a home inspector that comes back and says your house has termites.

The malware was everywhere.  Must have been some form of malware HTML napalm.  We (that is, my colleague Ryan) tried cleaning it up.  But we found that virtually every post was tainted love.

So now I’m going throught the pain-in-the ass process of hand cleaning each post and republishing them.

Nothing but a huge time suck.

So here’s my idea.  If we have to have a Patriot Act, let’s get someone to insert a provision that the Bush Administration use these intrusive and clandestine powers to identify and track down spammers and purveyors of malware.

And that once found we send them to Guantanamo.

Or Sadr City.

Or Burma.