You’re a free market,  capitalist, Milton Freidman, private enterprise, Ronald Reagan, market-driven type of person.

rich2Then along comes the great market meltdown.  Unregulated capitalism goes crazy.  Markets melt down.  Some capital owners get dinged but most capitalists do well.  Meanwhile consumers take it on the chin.  CEOs still pull down healthy checks but blue collars are standing in welfare lines.

Capitalism is under attack.

What to do?

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce decides to launch a campaign to defend capitalism.  Only one problem.  People think capitalism sucks.  Capitalism is greed.

So what do like? They like “free”!  Specifically, free enterprise.

“Free” is so much more compelling than the “enterprise.”  Capitalism is dead.  Long live free enterprise.

Only one caveat.

What then are enterprises “free” to do?  Anything?

Isn’t that capitalism?