Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

And what a day it is.  Hundreds of thousands decended on The Mall in my fair city — Washington DC — yesterday to celebrate in song the upcoming inauguration of this country’s first African American president.

What a dream.

So I ask all JuiceBar readers to do two simple things.  It requires no more than 30 minutes.

First, take 15 minutes out of your day and go to MLKOnline.  Watch the video of Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream Speech.”  If you’re a fan of radio (like me) or short on bandwidth simply close your eyes and click on the audio of his speech.

Imagine a world of the 1950s … of fire hoses, attack dogs, lynchings.  Of beatings.  Of hatred and bigotry.

Now think of today.  2009.  Today as the generation of Americans that came after the 1950s usher in a new era led by a black president.

All due in part because one man shared a dream with millions and millions of others, and together they were able to pass that dream on to a new generation.

Now take another 15 minutes.  Write down your dream.  Think of the wrongs that need to be righted.  Dream of what that world will be like.

And spend the rest of your life keeping that dream alive and passing it along to the next generation.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!